Welcome to Bihn Bikes Boston!

If you’re reading this, thank you for stumbling onto my blog!

I’m John, a Michigan native, bike enthusiast, and the Blue Bikes February Winter Mini-Challenge winner!

Growing up in Michigan, I adored the rail trail and off-road paths near my house. But after moving to Boston in 2016, it took two years to summon the courage to start biking given the chaotic Boston traffic. Equipped with a Bluebikes membership and helmet, I finally took the plunge and began exploring the area on two wheels.

This year, I set a resolution to explore even more of Greater Boston via Bluebikes. I designed this blog to capture my journey – from my quest to catalog Bluebikes stations, to taking on challenges around the city, and any bike-related shenanigans in between.

There’s several ways to keep up with my exploits:

And please bookmark this blog for some longer tales about my adventures around Greater Boston via Bluebikes!